Important Info about Gifting

Thinking of gifting the BODi Bike? Here are some tips to make sure your Bike recipient is ready to ride.

When should you gift a bike?

Whether you want to surprise a family member and bring the bike home or send the gift of fitness to your cross-country best friend, we now offer that option! By selecting the gift option, you can also add-on an optional BODi 1 Year Membership.

Checkout Process - this part is important!

Keep this tab open for reference to ensure correct information is included in your order.

  • On the product page for the bike you want to gift, specify that your order is a gift by checking the box.
  • You will receive an email with a gift message that you can forward to the recipient at the time of gifting.
  • Enter the recipient's name and shipping address in the checkout fields.
  • Enter your email address to receive the confirmation email and delivery notifications.
  • Enter your credit card and billing information.

Photo of a woman selecting her workout on her new myx bike

Educate the recipient about their Bike

  • If you are comfortable sharing this surprise with your recipient, tell them their Bike is coming and forward all emails from BODi to them.
  • IMPORTANT: To activate the Bike, the recipient will need a BODi membership. We recommend including the 1-year membership with your gift purchase, but memberships can also be purchased by the recipient after arrival.
  • Unless you want to schedule delivery for the recipient, ensure that you forward the “Schedule Your Delivery” email to the person that is receiving the Bike, so that they can schedule their delivery.

Coordinate the bike delivery

  • When you place your order for the BODi Bike, we immediately submit your order to the warehouse. This allows us to deliver the Bike as quickly as possible but also limits our ability to make changes to the order once it is submitted. You have 24 hours to cancel or change your order.
  • If you are not scheduling the delivery for them, forward the “Schedule your delivery” email to the recipient.
  • For more details on coordinating the bike delivery and specific details on what your gift recipient will need to do once they receive the bike, please see FAQ 8376.

If you add an Extended warranty to your gift, here’s what you can do to transfer the contract to your recipient so the warranty is under their name:

  • You will receive an email from Extend after purchase for you to set up your account
  • Once the recipient is aware of their gift, you can go into your MyExtend Customer Portal and update Customer Information with the Recipient’s information
  • You can also call Extend to have your contract transferred